We advocate for your patients!

We advocate for access to the medication that you have prescribed to your patients. We search for available assistance programs, coupons, and discount cards that match your patients financial and medical needs. Our services are free, confidential and bilingual. We have been providing advocacy services in the Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo County since 2004 for more than 10,000 patients. Our founder Dr. Francisco Mendoza realized the importance of acknowledging the barriers that patients are facing when they cannot afford their medications. Therefore, our goal is to provide direct patient advocacy to your patients so that you and they can focus on the care plan, while we focus on the best way to bridge the gap in medication coverage. Patient Advocacy On average it can take 2-4 hours to complete the entire enrollment process from start to finish for a single patient with multipe prescriptions. The process is not complicated, it is just a time consuming yet time sensitive process. During the inital enrollment period into a patient assistance program there are various forms and steps that must be completed. We take care of all of that. We have access to up to date information from pharmaceutical companies and partnerships with national pharmacies that can provide the medication for free or at a significantly reduced cost. Let’s work together to bridge the gap in medication coverage for your patients!

How to Refer Patients to Us

There are a few ways you may refer patients to us.
  1. You can share our flyer with your patient and the they can contact us directly. APA 3 Steps Flyer
  2. You can have them fill out our intake form and send it to our office. Client Intake Form-Bilingual
  3. If you are already an established partner and have a HIPAA Business Associates Agreement signed with us; you may fax the prescription your patient needs assistance with to our secure fax 805-614-2010.  If you would like to establish an agreement, please contact APA Executive Director, Anel Calderon at [email protected] or 805-614-2040.

What to Expect

We thoroughly search for available programs and resources for all referred patients. We will work with you and your office to obtain the necessary information to best help your patients. Such information includes the patients medication list, provider identification number and office contact information to keep you informed of the patient’s assessment results. Many of the assistance programs will deliver the medication straight to the patient’s home. There are some cases where the medication may be delivered to your office. We will confirm with you and your office to make sure this option is suitable for you and your patients.

Work with APA

Our services are free thanks to our supporting sponsors who provide financial support. If you would like more information on how to become a supporting sponsor or partner, please contact APA Executive Director, Anel Calderon at [email protected] or 805-614-2040.