What can clients expect during the free phone consultation?

Clients can call our office 805-614-2040 to receive a free confidential phone consultation in Spanish or English. During the consultation, we will ask you the following questions:

1. What is the name of the medication you need assistance with?

2. Do you have any type of health insurance coverage? Some clients may have health insurance that may cover a portion of the prescription and we need to know this information to be able to determine which program can help with the rest or if there may be discount programs that can lower your cost.

3. What is your annual income? Many of the Patient Assistance Programs offered by the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers require clients to meet financial and other program specific criteria to be eligible for assistance.

Our consultation process includes asking you if you need any assistance with applying for other services such as CalFresh or Medi-Cal as we have an enrollment specialist in our office that can also assist you with these state programs. 

Does everyone qualify for free medications?

No, but we will guide you through the process. Each pharmaceutical company has its own specific guidelines, so we will get you answers for programs that you may qualify for and help you apply. 

This program is not designed for emergency medication needs.

Where do people go for assistance?

Due to COVID-19 precautions our office is currently closed to walk-ins. We can help you with your application remotely by phone, email, fax and mail. Please call our office 805-614-2040 and we can provide to you a free consultation. We will mail out to you all necessary documents to complete the process. 

Mailing Address

506 East Plaza Drive Suite #5, Santa Maria,CA

Client Phone Line: 805-614-2040

Fax: 805-614-2010

Email: Advocates@APAmeds.org

If I need assistance, what do I do?

Call the APA office 805-614-2040 to determine if there is a patient assistance program for the medication(s) you are taking.


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