Insulin Prescriptions

APA can help with Insulin Prescriptions

Contact APA for more information (805) 614-2040

APA can help check if an individual needing assistance with affording their insulin qualifies for available programs that can offer free or reduced cost insulin supply. Contact us today at (805) 614-2040  to check if you can qualify for these Patient Assistance Programs 

Many Patient Assistance Programs are offering 3-4 month supply of insulin for the following brands.

  • Novolog (120 day supply) plus two refills
  • Lantus (90 day supply plus 3 refills
  • Humalog (120 supply )plus two refill
  • Other insulins: Basaglar, Humalog, Humulin R, Humulin N &  Trulicity (not insulin), Toujeo, Lantus; available in Kwikpens and vials, call us today so that we can explain the process and get you enrolled.

Most qualify with or without having insurance.

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