Alliance for Pharmaceutical Access (APA) is a community based nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide access to life-saving medications to our neighbors and loved ones. Navigating our ever-changing healthcare system can be an overwhelming task for most of us. APA provides individualized  medication-access and patient advocacy services, at no cost.

APA has been closing inequity gaps in medication access for the most medically underserved since we began in 2004.

Let us help you navigate the process.

What Do We Provide?

APA provides a unique and free service. APA utilizes a comprehensive patient-centered case management approach to medication access for anyone struggling to afford their prescription medications. Its innovative approach provides medication advocacy, continuity of care and access to patient assistance programs that result in healthier people, families and ultimately the community.

Access to life-saving treatments through PAPShare

You can find your medication through a Patient Assistance Program (PAP). PAPs are created by pharmaceutical companies to provide free or discounted medicines to people who are unable to afford them. Each program has its own qualifying criteria.

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How do we do this?

By accessing medication through patient assistance programs offered through pharmaceutical companies that offer free or special pricing for those who are unable to afford or pay market prices for their medications. APA is the missing link between those in need and these patient assistance programs. Our trained advocates are skilled at securing medications and diabetes supplies for the people in our community who most desperately need them.

If a client needs specialty or brand name medications, we enroll qualifying individuals into Patient Assistance Programs; if they qualify for Medi-Cal we refer them to the nearest social services office or certified enrollment counselor; if they are insured or have Medicare or Medi-Cal but are unable to afford their out of pocket expenses for their medications, we seek co-payment assistance programs, and on-line discounted or non-profit pharmacies for (available) generic medications. In 2016 APA also began a diabetes care program which offers discounted diabetes testing supplies to qualifying individuals. APA’s free, direct, and confidential client service is often the only resource that these individuals have to access free or discounted medications and diabetes supplies. Clients, are enrolled for a year at a time.

Who Do We Serve?

Any person who needs to access free and/or discounted medications to their healthcare needs as determined by their doctor.

Who Can Be Assisted?

Anyone who has been prescribed a medication to treat a medical condition and does not have insurance coverage, or has limited insurance coverage, is in the coverage gap, or simply does not have the resources to buy their prescribed medication.

See example listing of drugs and conditions under Meds.

Client Instructions can be found by clicking the client instruction tab at the top of any page.